fredag 26 oktober 2012

Grå ullvantar/ grey mittens

Det börjar bli kallt ute och då får jag alltid lust att sticka värmande plagg. Dessa vantar i lovikastil ska dekoreras med broderade blommor efter önskemål.

When the temperature drops and it starts to snow, we had the first snow of the year yesterday, I feel the urge to knit warm socks and mittens. I started knitting the grey mittens yesterday and I must say I like a quick projekt now and then. Its perfekt for my youngest because she doesnt have the best record when it comes to keeping  track of her things.

Ser fram emot att ha höstlov ihop med mina barn och inte behöva stå upp och dra på jobb på en hel vecka. Jag är inte direkt den som hoppar ur sängen på mornarna. :)

The coming week I' m free from work and are spending the week together with my kids who are on school break and are free to. Yey! One whole week were we can sleep in and have fun. Hedvig wants me to teach her how to read crochet instruktions so she can make amigurumi. Well It'll be interesting to se who will lose patience first...

I´m sharing my finish for this week by linking up to finish it up friday.

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  1. I am just learning how to knit and I haven't done mittens yet. I really love these gray mittens.

    1. The pattern for the gray mittens are really easy and one of the most traditional swedish knitting pattern. Originally ment for hard work in the forest.


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